We never know when we’re going to lose someone we love, we care, we share of, we depends on, we like… until someday, they just gone and we felt bereft of them.

This story begin 3 days ago, I called my sister, Julyana Rambe on my cellular. Actually she’s not my sister, she’s my classmates on junior high school but we closed to each other since then.
I’m very much love her as my own sister, she’s always there for me when I needed the most. That’s surprised me when she told me that she just got back from the hospital. How stupid I am that I don’t even know when she’s really sick and need me? I’m hoping I can turn back time again and I don’t want her to feel that I don’t care at all.

Two days ago, come again that I finally hard missed my second sister, Fanni Noviana of my life. She’s got the new job and couldn’t here beside me again. I really missed her but she’s far away now. I don’t know why all of my bestfriends left me. I still need her to back up for me when I’m sick or I’m not available. Then, I hardly have to accept her gone.

Today, I became stupid person again. One of my friends, Bogie died and I just known from his friend. Four months ago, he called me and ask me to do a favor for him. I couldn’t do it because I have this things going on and I have to go somewhere. He just need me to take a picture of him and until now, I couldn’t pay that promise to him. I really got sad and cry alot this days.

I don’t even know whatelse is going to happen this days. I felt like live on the different planet and noone ever feels that losing me or missing me. If someone ask me, what my plans today? I’m going to answer that I’m going to run to all of my best friends and hug them closely. If God give me a time, I won’t let them left me here alone.


One Comment on “Bereft

  1. Thanks for being here for me
    Thanks for being friend of mine
    Thanks for everything that you gave me

    I always pray for you
    I always try to beside you

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