Millie on the hospital

Last night at 8, Millie finally admitted to the hospital as well. I’m kind of scared because Millie would not eat and drink milk. Really too bad breath, cough more so, but he’s still running as usual, run and jumping ..

Finally, I and his father took him into her treatment room, thank God a little bit quiet although it must Seeing him on an IV and blood taken. Until 12 o’clock at night, he did not want to sleep because there are many nurses and doctors who paced her condition checks.

Until he fell asleep, at 3 am she finally woke up because the protein inserted the hose again and he could not stop crying before her mother picked up the same. Follow his father panicked, really hard to make him silent when her mother Millie had seen there next to him.

Until finally he fell asleep again, woke up at 7 am because of her sisters gave a variety of drug and start being forced to eat, but he still does not want to eat well.

Imbong, Imbong his future wife, Harry and Onay, had come into the room look less healthy state of Millie. Thank God there is also a direct care see the state of Millie. I had the same father had to go home first because they have to clean up abandoned work at home and office of his father. However Ria and the uni comes mas Agung already jenguk Millie fitting coz want to go.

Thank God we live in earlier times, the situation is already quite normal and healthy, unfortunately I was alone and his father died because there did not get a full rest. fortunately there oma, we are still a bit quiet.


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