Allah, give this words for my DAD and my MOM! *crying inside*

*pray* Allah, provide health for Mom and Dad and give life one long to see their grandchildren grow up! آمِيـنَ (aamiiin) آمِيـنَ (aamiiin) ya rabbal alamin!

Request permission to Papa for my proposal! (For April 29th, 2010)

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

My Beloved Mom & Dad, your son who is very loved, loved, respected and proud of your daughter.

The first time, I know papa and mama in the Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital, 28 years 5 months ago, when I heard the same sound azan in my ear the first time daddy and I know you really love me and are very meaningful in my life.

Since then also, you are the who took care of, you are the first person who is very worried about my health. I really remember the service even though you only hear through people’s stories. Saturday, my body is very high fever and you panic because it was no doctor on duty, because you are the love that finally brought me to a ear nose throat doctor for pierced ears for fear I’ll have a hearing disability. You also brought me early this morning to the beach so I can breathe the fresh morning air and can be cured of my asthma disease.

I’ll never forget the words that first time I said when I was barely one year, “papa” even though I was still living at home mom with Cipete oma, then daddy just to see me this weekend because the house has not been so kebalen.

I learned a lot from you, you are the who taught me to ride a bike, take me singing and believing in my art skills, you also teach how to be a sweet girl though I know I have shortcomings in this life, you also take me and pick me up when I’m sitting dibangku kindergarten through high school until you taught me to be independent and live alone in a foreign country who knows any relatives there. Every day I feel the loss of you, to contact you by telephone once a week, heard a voice from across the national dairy snacks, I felt there was no more screaming morning, the debate between us, but today I realize all you’ve taught me.

Forgive your daughter when your daughter has many flaws and can not be a child who you want, which often disappoint you guys, who often do not listen to your advice, which often mempeributkan minor issues with you but really deep down inside most of your son, I love you very much, appreciate you and respect you more than everything. your son is very grateful to Allah SWT because of I guarded and cared for you, your daughter is very grateful that even though your son deeply know your daughter can not pay your affection all the time.

A few months ago there was a young man from Java who told me to be his life companion, seen from the nature and manner not far from my idea of ​​a lifelong idol figure is poor. He was a good man, black sweet, polite, diligent worship, have thought to go forward, although this time he has not been able to give me a stately palace, horse-drawn carriage made ​​of gold and diamond jewelry for ananda. But I believe someday he will be better than now. I am sure papa and mama also like to know her now, he is a young man not much different from dad’s in the early 1970s, Dad was first set foot on the ground Jakarta. The young man named Wawan Setiyawan currently carrying his large family who were sitting in front of papa, mama and our large family.

I told a little story about him. Wawan was the first child of the deceased father and deceased mother Mudjiharto Suminah, he left behind parents when she was still young and have a great responsibility towards his younger brothers, Purnomo Wibowo and Nastiti utami mind.

He was born on October 31st, 1983, Monday kliwon according to Javanese calendar, he’s an engineering undergraduate who graduated in 2007. Beginning he worked as a porter at the Panasonic in 2001 and stopped because he wanted to get more education, then he went back to work became a laboratory assistant faculty of electrical engineering in 2004 while continuing his lecture, after graduating from an undergraduate he worked as a lecturer in engineering at university with a national working at PT. Mal Kobame Cijantung then a year later he stopped and opened the company with his partner named PT. Mnemonic Technology, and then he got the confidence to become head of the laboratory of faculty of electrical engineering in 2008 at the National University.

I know that I’ve been got a failure, that moment I prayed that God would give faith mate, can I rely on in the foreseeable future, can become priests in my family and can love me and your grandchildren.

I profusely apologize for what I’ve done either intentionally or unintentionally, and asked that I be allowed to accept applications man named Wawan Setiyawan who has been close to my heart and love, I know him since 2002 when he was dibangku semester two. My intention is to do my duty as a Muslim and my obligations as a wife. I am sure, he is the best choice for the future.

Mom & Dad, please let me accept his proposal today and I’m sure papa and mama was not disappointed because our intention is to worship and perform the duties of a Muslim.


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