What’s the meaning of marriage???

What is the meaning of marriage???

A pair of people who promise each other to each other:

keeping, caring, understand each other, love, loving, self-sacrificing, feed and feeding, pour their hearts if anyone feels less satisfied, had descendants who kept together, trained together, arranged with their lives together, grew up together. ..

How does it feel when it’s no longer a sense of caring or even understand the hearts to hearts, what to do? Discussion!

DISCUSSION If it’s just hard to be met or no longer mutual understanding of each other, SPLIT. That’s the only way that will be done.

Do you really care about your marriage that makes you made a real family life??? So trash the words “SPLIT” in your minds, then what??? Be patient to another, yield, then what??? Keep praying and try to see the pure third person, whose doesn’t take a side of one another and trying to talk about SOLUTION. Is it really help??? I don’t know…

But I tried my best to working on it, even though sometimes I felt really lonely… I’m sick and there’s no one stand beside me to care in my side, I felt terrible because I have to refreshing and there’s no one to take me out, I’m such a loser… Doesn’t he cares about that?? I don’t know… ask him!!!


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