That’s just what We do

Some people’s think the best way to do their things everyday, each morning they already have plans and all that stuff.

But than weather, the good news, the bad news, your melodramatic, your nervous, your vulnerable, your happiness, your surprises, or even your own decisions could make it different way from the begining.

Some people’s think the perfect things for their own life, their own way, but that’s just make you really stupid from the others eye’s. Let me tell you something, Perfectionist is only for God. There’s no perfect in this world, there’s only Best way, best think which can we Do. That’s just what We do everyday.

Even if you have your best score in test, you have your best grade in school, but than you think your life is just messed up, you done nothing but failure. Someday you just want to cry, you hurt because of the others opinion about you, who cares?

Oh no, you’re mistaken. Everything you done, everything you got, everything… is only your best effort, the results is always in God’s way. So dont ever think you can’t do, you done nothing. No… the human is perfect creature’s from God, so basically you all is Perfect so dont be so stressful or even depressed about it.

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart, did you ever knowing person who never fail in their life? I dont think so. Everybody feels that, done it even if they never tells you all the details.

The opinions, the comments, the complains is all just for make you better everyday. So dont make yourself is drawning in the deep sea just because you hear something that could hurt your feelings, its only for your own good. All of decisions for your life is come inside you. So make their thoughts is just a weapon for yourself to make it better and better everyday.

After all, the human is only thinking for best try, best effort, best things to do in their life, the rest of your story is already written by the God. So lets make something history of your own story every single day, because it might be the best story for your own kids and grandkids…

So lets go!!! Get up and never surrender with your own, just make it the history everyday, because as my opinions is the human is alreay born with perfect.


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