It’s A Life

Did you know what life is???
Let me tell you something, this is what exactly I learned from my time to time, maybe you just ignore this sometimes but when you know in the answer in the future, you will just regret it.

So before you even regret it, I want to share some story for you all. My past isnt that perfect, I used to be so damn fool, damn persons, all I think is just for fun, think about having a boyfriends, do something crazy with them, change the boyfriend every single week, I even dont know what love is, I give everything to the “Boyfriend” even the money, my time, everything just because I want to have fun on my own, I always do something that make my parents cry every single night.

I done something terrible, I got accident while driving a car in saturday night, I was gone missing and tell my parents just go to friend’s house. Than at 3 AM, I called home with broken car’s windows because I hit by the motorcycle from back. The person is on the koma, so much blood that I remembered but in that time, I just dont know what to do. I was in Police’s office in about 5 hours, than I got back home around 1 PM. Isnt that cool??? hahaha… nope thats just stupid things to do in the past.

After that accident, I got more accident that I couldn’t write about it for just 1 post maybe next I will. I dont affraid of doing some crazy stuff, even stop in the toll and doing dancing just for laughing with friends, going to Bandung in the middle of night just for racing and I keep drive in about 140 km/hour, damn crazy I am at that time. Thats very freaking long story, I couldnt just write in 1 post for this. So Now, I will just write the point of all that story.

Now, I just realized it! That’s kinda story isnt make me grow up, I kinda regret’s all of that until now. I regret that I had waste so much time with having boyfriends, wasting my time with stressed that I’m creating myself, I always forgot that I have Allah to share, to pray, to be thankful. Until one day, I met someone that makes me think and keep silent. I dont know whether I have to be sad, crying, or even happy because it will change me into someone better.

I met him in his age 35, he told me his story, he worked as a waiter in one fasting food before he can go to college, he got 20.000,- from the customer’s who seen him when he was cleaning the toilet, he told me he was crying in that time. His story of life is just making me so nervous, I even wasting my parent’s money 100 million rupiah for college than I left that college. I’m wasting about 50 million rupiah just for having fun with my boyfriends, go some stupid placing, done racing that makes my car always got crashed, I’m throwing about 120 million rupiah just for buy some technology that now is already old which can I using again, what exactly I think??? OMG, I must be crazy, oh ow… Than I think to change for a better person.

I just think about all my ex boyfriends, did I get something from it? nope, all I got is a sin. Did I get rich from giving fun and money to my ex boyfriends? nope, I just got bad opinions, too much enemy from it, I even dont know which one is my real friends in the past, how sad is it??? So dont follow my past, get better, dont ever give anything to your boyfriend, even LOVE… you just got nothing from it! Trust me… 😜

When you just in twenty, dont think about boyfriends too much, you just got NOTHING! Think about your own happiness, your own future, because it’s all you have to live with it, your ex or even boyfriend is not including in your future, just your family is there whenever you got problems and troubles. Allah is exsist, follow Allah way, falling in love with Allah, so you dont feeling sad, confusing, regret something, my opinion dont ever give your everything to the people’s just “boyfriend”, cuz when they go, you dont have to feeling depressed or stressed or even kill your own life.

And than… What did you get from your friends which is in the past always have fun with you??? NOTHING!!! Did they still remember you?? Hahaha… You bet! They just busy with their own life, they must be busy fix the things up while they just ignore when you got burned in the ass until you couldn’t get up from the bed 4 days, who is always there with you??? ALLAH. Your family. So how about the money you already used for your stupid life in the past??? They just GONE and never come back until you commit to Allah, you can get a better life and always remember Allah every single time.

So better ask your own heart, did you really ready to have a boyfriend who will make a family in the future, remember that you will get kids and kids will getting you some new problems, a lot of it. So take your time to think it over and over again, it doesn’t matter your friends is already got married or even already got kids, you’re not too late to have family when you really ready to make the good one with best family life. Don’t ever watch movie and you adapted into your life, because movie is just for fun awhile, after that… you just being crazy. Read a book which Allah teach the human’s way.


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