Now I’m single and happy

When time to decide which best for me is more difficult between with partner’s or not but most of all, thanks to Allah who send me all of crazy family around me and make me more wiser and grown up.

I’m single with no partner and for awhile I’ve feel disaster but now I know why Allah give me time to think and now I’m happy with all of my crazy family, crazy friends and such a blessed I could share and meet them always everyday… ❤️❤️❤️

They picked me up, they hold me when I cry, they company me when I feel hopeless and they’re always right there when I need it and they always make me laugh, make me so much fun and stuff. 

Thanks Allah… you give me such a wonderful neighboor, family, friends even you throw away my love one but you already give the best in my life.

Today is my Thursday birthday and I’m happy so much being blessed and relieve from all the pain I’ve been caring for almost 7-8 years… hopefully You will never disturbing my time and my world again… 


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