6 Senses

I hate to feel this way but I’m feeling blessed with such a gift from Allah

I know there’s something happen with Him last week, but I dont know what and why. All I got is just scary dream everyday until last night

Allah… please take a good care of Him, whatever happened to Him, I know something must happen

Bang, if you ever read this… Now you know I can feel whatever happened with you, but I dont know exactly what is that and what to do. All I can do is just pray the best for you even if we’re having some problems now, I just want you to be well everyday. 

Sadly, you never be honest with me, hopefully Allah will open your heart and mind so I can help you if you could be in touch or talk with me


And I got this terrible feeling too with my bestfriend’s family, I seen bad things with her husband but I dont know how to tell her or just keep it myself


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