Wonder Woman or Superman

Do you ever hear multitalented person???

Usually, Multitalent is from woman who could be a father, a mother, a sister, a brother and all.

Do you ever hear single parent???

Usually, it comes from single mom or single dad which their partner’s already gone died or never care.


Do you ever hear parents which both still there but only one person (mom/dad) who works hard for the family which she/he working to have money, she/he take a good care of kids, she/he is take care of house, paid all the bills with his/her money???

I called it Wonder Woman & Super Man…

and… I felt it now… 😖😖😖 and sometimes I just hectic of being it… Never comes some help from it,,, I dont know what is going to be on the future and I’m just stucked now…



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