Someday, I’ve been sitting with my friends and they suddenly told me…

“Do you know, what the marriage’s life means?”

I just laughing when I heard their questions, are you really asking me that??? I thought that was a silly questions which I couldn’t explain it because I got my divorced 4 years ago and never been in a real marriage again.

“Are you joking?” I answered with my laughing voices

“No, I’m serious asking you that”

“Oh I thought that was joking… hahahaha…”

“Nad, I’m serious… Could you explain more about it?”

Wow… I couldn’t think my friends will asking a really serious questions about it, I mostly dying when I heard it. Because honestly, I don’t know what’s like and I’ve been so failed with my marriage. But after takes minutes than I answered with my seriously voice

“For me, marriage is being falling in love everyday with the same person, you always want to sleep, wake, take a shower, having a breakfast, having a lunch, having a dinner, worship together, pray together, salat together, all the things you want is to be with the person you married. You want to grow old together, you keep dream each other even if they sleep beside you, you even laughing together when you got really serious problems in the family, you just want to smile together when you have to cook for him, you just want to work together when you clean your house, you just want to drink tea or coffee together in your free time, you just want to lay down in his leg is for getting so spoiled, you just want doing romantic stuff like holding hands even you just walk together into the bus or train station, you just want to sit together watching the same station, you just be nice to one and another, you just love to tell your husband/wife beautiful behaviour in home to all your friends, you always admire and adore them, you always kiss them to show you care, you always being spoiled to one another and you keep a team for everything you done in this worlds, you will having so many kids with so much love in the family, you will having so many blessed even if you’re live in the small house and got nothing materials besides LOVE.”

All of my friends listened to my answer than QUIET… They just keep silent for about 10 minutes until I started to laugh,,, “Hey, what’s up???” I said.

“Damn girl, you’re a writer” the one of my friends shouted that and I just smile. Really??? Hahaha,,, I just love to write but I’m no writer at all.


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