Some days it just can surrender to what is happening to me and around me. Viewed close friends who are like brothers sick, before the eyes and see how they are tortured in front of us is very painful for me.

But for me, I was a human being, which can only pray for the health of them all but all is the will of God in which we can only be alone in the dark room with all visible black.

3 Days…

It’s been such a hell for me inside my own room at my home, sometimes my head is spinning when I started to look at the computer, I already absent in my business for more than 2 months barely can’t see all my messages from computer and it’s sucks!

I only can entertain themselves by singing in the room and I do not know what I can do while I just sit in the room. Only God can accompany me this time, I hope my friends soon recovered and did not participate sick like what I experienced and it was very sad.

We are only able to communicate with the message and could not be met as we did all night long. Problem after problem came one by one and I could not finish it at all, I really felt under and depression, I got so crazy like this everyday.


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