He’s my Hero

papa and me3 Months I’ve been drowning in the water, I don’t know what I have to say. I always run to my Dad and guess what???

He told me, “Find a scholarship like you used to done before and find another knowledge for fill your life, read a new book, find new friends, get to know well your potential. Science will never run out and you only spend free time to think of something that is far from the reach of Allah.

Allah gives the best to you and you learn not regret something you will never get back. Intelligence have to be shaped not hidden from you. And please Nada, you’re my daughter and I always yelling at you that “BOOK” is your only friend and “Al-Quran” is your best friend since you was in United States, did you forget that???”

Than I tried to move on with the best way which my Dad always teach me, he never teach me how to fall, how to get down, how to get lose, how to get drowning, He teach me to wake up and build my potential one more time. There’s no word say, “LATE” in my Dad’s thought. He always tell me to learn, read, get up and trust yourself and show Allah that we can do it all. He also told me, “There’s no stupid person, only lazy person who never want to read and learn.”

Thanks Allah, I have my Dad, his spirit is making me waking up and try to walk again after drowning to deep with my problems and I guess I’m not that stupid anymore.


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