Millie’s Adventure Begin

We’re arrived at Lampung and stay at my friend’s house. We live in real village, when we arrived there’s no light and Millie got scare of the dark. I was laughing when I ask her to go to the bathroom which is very dark outside the backyard, she said “No”. But than, I’m holding her hands and take her with me, she said “there’s no light, bunda how can I see you?”. 

I’m still holding her hands and tell her, “see with your heart, Millie. There’s nothing to scare beside Allah.”

Than she release my hands and walk smooth to the bathroom. 

After that, we’re back to room and try to sleep, she looked at up, “Bunda, there’s no roof in this house. How can I sleep if there’s nothing at the top?” I’m just smile and tell her, “We still have sky on top of us so don’t worry Allah gave you the best, you can sleep everywhere. This is a real adventure, Millie. Learn with nature.”


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