Information System (IS) & Information Technology (IT)

Why everybody should know about Information System (IS) and Information Technology (IT)?

All the people’s have to know the technology through the internet by using computer, smartphone, and all the digital devices that having internet connection. Only in Indonesia, some people still get to know and learning digital and internet.

Information Technology (IT) relates to any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and to support the information and information-processing needs of an organization.

Information System (IS) collects, processes. stores, analyzes and disseminates information for a specific purpose.

You should learn what is MIS and MIT, MIS (Managing Information System) and MIT (Managing Information Technology) is the organization place to gather some information mainframe from IS and IT for their users. The users didn’t directly with the mainframe.

Reference : Introduction to Information System By R Kelly Rainer & Casey G Cegielski


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