I’m in LOVE

I cant even tell my feelings right now, I dont care if someone I’m waiting is just a story now.

Allah send me a better person last night, he’s funny, he’s gorgeous, he’s cute and he’s a doctor. Awesome… 😘😘😘

Whatelse could I looking for the perfect man in my life??? Thank u Allah, I barely couldnt sleep because of him, he makes my day last night, we talk much about life and sometimes he makes some jokes and love it so much…! 

Suddenly I could falling in love again, but when he asks me out, I didnt respond it, I just smile, I dont know what to say or better quiet for awhile…

I’m so sorry, I just in love with him right now, I dont know whatelse I could write, but he’s so my dad’s profile, he’s quiet but he’s so romantic when I said I’ve been hurt with some stupid guy who never return my email or my phone call, he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not like him. I care about you the past 2 years. I’ve been carrying so much story about you and I also admired you!”

Owwwww… kiss kiss… but I still holding to not take seriously now, I just heal from the broken heart with man but I’m happy Allah send me another perfect man for me… so cute… ow My God,,, I cant believe I can falling in love again now…


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