Time to break

I realized that God send me time to break for everything in this world, I even cant think anything beside pray and pray.

I dont know why I’m still here in my home, feeling so cold and dont know what’s the better think to do

I keep thinking about him, I said, “No, Only Allah Allah Allah” than I got sick

I tried to find another work to do in home besides thinking anything, I clean my home and throw away the old stuff I dont even want it

I felt terrible after refuse another relationship I known he’s the best but my heart keep saying I should be alone for now

He always contacting me, ask me, “How are you? What do you do? Can you chat for a minute?” than I just feel dont like it at all

I dont ask him to care with me in this moment, maybe thats not him who I waiting for… I dont know why I keep thinking about the other man who ignore me for very long time

I dont know why I still hoping and pray he will care with my life just for awhile, even if I know he doesnt like me anyways

Sometimes I cry… Sometimes I keep silent… sometimes I read Quran… just for keeping busy and not thinking about him, but I guess I’m just a girl who will continuing be like a girl when it comes to LOVE

But When I come to his mom, my heart is crying… if he’s now ignore his mom, how about me, who am I for him anyways, could he change in the future and not so busy or ignore the people’s who love him?


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