Dont you dare, no no

Dont you dare asking your daughter through somebody else, if you care, act like one, dont make me mention your real name!!!

Kamu boleh anggap saya sampah, marah sama saya, tapi Millie itu ga salah apa-apa, apa perlu juga kamu musuhin darah daging kamu sendiri???

Bertahun2 papaku berkorban semuanya utk kamu, tp apa yg kamu balas ke beliau, beliau jatuh sakit dan operasi aja kamu ga perduli, ya semoga Allah berikan terbaik utk kamu dan keluarga kamu.

You’re not living in different planet, aren’t you??? Or did you forgot the direction to your 4 years home??? Goddamn… I really MAD!!!
Send message to servant, asking your own daughter, what are you thinking,,, 
I never want to bring this up again if you can behave to your daughter, even she told me, “He’s Dead”, so millie thinks YOU’RE DEAD!!! do you think I’m happy to hear that, I’ve been 34 years knowing my Dad and look exactly all his work for my life, what kind of Dad are you, why you cant do exactly daddy do to their children??? 
She doesnt make it well in school, she can’t go to class 3 cuz she’s stuck when you left, she couldnt pay her school, she has 2 performance without you watching her, she’s out from all of her activities, she said “I’m sick of my life”, she’s sick for almost 2 weeks, did you even care, what are you, human??? really??? Even animals have feelings for their kids, are you really someone who I admired along time ago, so lame… I can’t even imagine how you walk everyday, breath everyday, even eat everyday without notice anything about Millie! 

Oh Ghosh…

You just looks like NOTHING… I’m feeling BLESSED that finally I can be free alone again without You bothering me every single day


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