Teenager On Cafe


I often eat in a restaurant or cafe, sometimes there is something that occurred to my mind when seeing children teenager eat there. Not only 1-2 people but many, sometimes even much at their table.

I have seen, they often eat there and certainly not a cheap price for a meal in the restaurant or cafe. How much is the approx they can get from their parents, how can they often hang out there and what the heck could work their parents to give her that much great to eat with friends.

So many question in my mind when seeing them like that, sometimes when I seen their face, they looked happy and nothing to worry about. As an adult, I’m so worried about their future, because it happens every night not just weekend or holiday.

Not want to interfere too is the real, just curious. Do they have learned to their school or college, whether they think if their parents fell in their fate with their daily lives are like that.

Sometimes I also think when looking at their attitude at the time, there was a relationship that I think are like husband and wife. I remembered when I was a girl, to watch at the cinema I had to raise nearly 2 weeks in order to follow-up watch and even then not every day or every moment. Perhaps the financial people are now better than me along time ago. With such a course, many of my friends were somewhat unsuccessful in their life right now, so how about them in the future???

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