Time is Up


All humans have a contract in this world, all may not be the same. What might we be able to know when we will die, when are we going to get sick, when we would go on forever.

When people who are closest to us

before us, we will immediately ask him why, if he is sick, if he has an accident, we realize that the question we should ask is whether we will be ready with the call of the Lord.

There are different kinds of characters of people, when told that people she knew pain, he will immediately take action, what can he do for you, what he can give. But there are also people who just by writing and orally without any help, even prayer can not be at all.

When the disaster comes to us, what we are not going to ask anyone who truly cares about our situation, there when most needed and accompany us at every moment in our time of need.

The question is now, are you ready we are to know the life after death, have you prepared us accountable for what we do in this world. Are you ready we are facing creator us to answer all the questions that will be asked, had we ready to discuss the issues that we’ve been through during life in the world. So how are we supposed to be able to prepare as early as possible.

Resigned, knowing God on our own, what is required of us, what should we do in the world and what kind of responsibility we need when we called later. Are charity and worship we had enough or are lacking and need to be coupled with all sorts of our efforts.

Be thankful, we are still given time to repent. Expand charity and worship us as long as we are still able to breathe in this world.



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