Two Sides

91b2728fa7e526cb3701e22c8f310827    Often, we do not realize that in life, there are some people who do the exact same thing with us. At first of course we have never known someone who did the same thing at the same time anyway, we just passed or may have accidentally nudged.

Then the Lord brought again with these figures in our lives in a very long time. The question arises in our minds, like DEJA VU. I think we’ve done that, whether it’s a picture on the previous reality without us knowing or may be God given a dream before.

God provides the best in a timely manner to all mankind. Without realizing it, a journey of our life is best from God. Although every effort we live, work, faith and prayer go together.

Persons who became a soul mate is not the person we desire, not the person we once knew up close before, but of course God will show us the images provided in accordance with the wises of God.

Let’s just say the story between Jenny and John. They were someone who always lived side by side, in the same situation and the same time anyway, even though they were not aware of previously. Jenny and John’s life is a very dramatic story. Each has a diverse life story in it. But since the Lord brought them accidentally, they do not realize that they will be together in the next life. John is single man and Jenny is widowed with one son, named Tim.

Jenny and John met accidentally in one corner a movie theater snack. They both order the same kind of popcorn, the very full state finally their orders mixed up. Once out of the situation, they see their own snack and surprised because the order does not correspond to their message.

By the time John turn around, he hit the figure of Jenny who also was checking her order. Then they both shocked. Then john greeted with friendly, “hi miss, is your order mixed up too? ” and Jenny answered, “Yes, I do.”

They look each order and then swap the order they are. John said, “Oh I see, our order mixed up. Ups sorry, what’s your name miss? I’m John” and Jenny answer, “It’s okay. Oh hello John, my name is Jenny, this is Carla and this is my son, Tim.”

After the incident, eventually they both become familiar with each other. John and Jenny often go together, they finally get to know each other in a short time.

Over time, John always invite Tim to watch a sporting event and they look very close to each other. John decided to took very serious relationship and ask Jenny to marry him. But the other side, Jenny was very traumatic with her past. She need more time and there’s some problems begin between them. After the drama, they realize that God already introduced them before they know each other. The past is making them understand and love each other.


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