Social Media

Do not know and directly assess people through social media, but directly meet the person, met Real life where you can discuss the subject, direct view, hear directly in the lives of others. Then you can tell with yourself about who you know itself.

Nowadays we make it easy with the presence in social media, online communications network, but it’s just a reflection of beautiful things, and then create a scenario of a story in it. Surely you will never know what the heck they were real life, we could be in social media she smiles but actually they’re crying. It could be they on social media such as happy outside in, but in fact their lives miserable.

Do all social media becomes negative in the eyes of the public? Of course not, like me who use online media since 1998, to have a community network in 2002, and then start to online business in 2008, certainly a positive thing. But there are certain parts that I personally rely more direct relationship and meet each head in reality.

For me personally, users, workers and students online, as well as businessmen, I never believe fully in cyberspace (online) where anyone can write without any definite source.

I see lately been a lot of events that caused only because of social media, engrossed indeed it seems but the impact caused which can become a problem. If I personally those who are indifferent to the opinions of people, people who only think in one main focus in my life, regardless of the problems that arise, as long as it is not knocking the life of me, I certainly would not ever matter.

But I can not close my eyes when I saw the small problems become big only because of social media, I hope we can be WISE to address all of them, do not be hasty doing negative things. Hopefully in the future, all can change their mindset and no more things become a big problem just because of social media.

Have a nice day everyone, cheers


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