Bukit Lawang, Sumut

Finally… now, we arrived here 3 days. We have to walking 1 hour to get to the cottage. It’s really adventure and excited moment, I don’t know which one is the best one to tell here.


I dont like it!!! Yes, did you ever think what I think? No, of course you’re not!

Don’t think by yourself, ask me if you wanna know what exactly my feeling, what is inside me that you will never know…

Today was the worst day of my life, I dont even like it here not because the view but because He doesn’t even asking me about the trip, he just do what he wants to do. No, not me!!! I think I don’t even really in by his thought. So silly, but what the hell I could tell… Just one thing, I need to know what’s going on…

And the second thing is work together as a team to get better of Millie’s school. But hell yeah, thats what I’m thinking, he doesnt even helping me a bit with Millie. Does he really know what is my feeling inside??? Hurt!!! I dont even want to talk or even look at him right now, its sucks being me right here like statue cant move, cant talk or even cant do anything… It’s all by myself and I dont really like it being his side anymore. Not my style, you can’t even work as a team, what the hell I’m supposed to hope from you?????????

No no… Don’t ever underestimate person who you really dont know well… even if she’s been living with you for a year, because you will never know her history before you even met her!!!


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