Jakarta Underground

Today, I still shooting for Jakarta Underground which means the Film is not ready yet. It might be a week until I posting on Youtube.

The idea of taking Jakarta Underground is mirror of my life. I used to be walking around Jakarta without friends and sit down everywhere in middle of crowd people’s. Sometimes I’m talking to people who work on the street or even some people waiting for the bus.

It’s like something I love, watching people’s walking, talking, waiting, working on the street. I love doing my own research and doing something who socialize with new people in the road. Crazy??? Yes, some people think I’m crazy but now I got some idea about living in Jakarta. I will walking again and socializing, some of the idea is making me happy. I dont even care about wearing high heels, make up or taking a shower, I just love doing film about people’s.

Next month I will continue with some of Documentary from one city to another, but now I just wanna concentrate with Jakarta. Because not alot of people knows how people survive in Jakarta.


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