Jakarta Underground Part One

One of Jakarta’s hobbies is hangouts. Where they are always looking for a comfortable and safe place to hang out with friends or family, they usually look for places where there is food as well. Now we travel to Durian Place in South Jakarta, Kalibata. Durian is a fruit that is loved by the citizens of Indonesia, both from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java, Bali and surrounding areas. Especially this most famous Durian place is from North Sumatra, Medan.

Durian is the name of tropical plants originating from the Southeast Asian region, as well as the name of the fruit that can be eaten. This name is derived from the characteristic skin of his fruit is hard and sharp curves that resemble a thorn. The popular title is “king of all fruits” (King of Fruit). Durian is a controversial fruit, although many people love it, but others are sickened by its smell or flavour.

In Jakarta we can find lots of hangout, especially at curfew. Coming home from work, after school or college. Jakarta residents are very fond of whose name is chatting, gathering or just eating with friends or family.

In Jakarta, we can find a very popular public transport is BAJAJ. In some areas of Jakarta, BAJAJ transportation is in great demand by its citizens. Long before there is online transport, BAJAJ is one of the cheap transportation and in search of citizens of Jakarta. Almost the same as TUK TUK in Thailand, but BAJAJ here is well known for the slogan, “Only Driver BAJAJ and God knows when he wants to turn” because BAJAJ is very slippery between Jakarta and very flexible. Passenger seating can put a lot of stuff, sometimes for merchandise can be transported with passengers.


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