Quotes for Life

God always gives the best for us, some are comfortable and uncomfortable. Depending on which side we want to see, if our hearts are always open and accepting God’s provisions, the results must be good.


Life is beautiful if we enjoy all the processes that occur, but if we still have a lump in our hearts, all our wishful dreams will burn.


Whose fault? It must be our own ignorance, because God has always given the best, reminded us, always loves us. 😘😘😘

The door openers of the heart are ourselves, there is no one who can help unless we intend to earnestly seek knowledge of the truth.


Knowledge is not just writing, then memorized, but useful knowledge when we know, memorize and apply it in our own lives.


God only helps in our intentions, when we really have lived it according to the teachings and formulas given ❤️

Life is like taking pictures, judgment depends on each perspective. If we look at it positively, it will look beautiful, if we look at it negatively, it will always look bad.


Depending on the way we see, assess and deliver. Always showing the color of life is a unique side in terms of people. Being a meaningful lesson, that all souls are different but we can unite them into one very good goal, then a perfection will form.


Life is a Mystery for human but not for God! 😘😘😘

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