Learn how to Editing with Lightroom

Even if I’m too late to learn, at least I alwaya try to learning in the break time. Technology always moving, you cant just sleep or have fun with the knowledge you know, you have to add some more learning, especially when you working with technology.

As a Photographer, I should up to date with digital innovation, even if the theory must be same with the old one but the technology is a little bit different with the old. Like when we use Photoshop, Bridge, Camera raw, or even if when we try to learning some application Lightroom.

The basic of Lightroom is the same with the old version, we called Dark room, some of old fashion with camera must be sound familiar with this. There’s no different when you learn colour, saturation, exposure, brightness, contrast and etc. The same technic with different technology.

The old photographer is using dark room for see the result, but the new version is with editing in computer. Most of Photographer now have to learn many things in computer.

So you can try with changing from dark room into lightroom.

So when you see the different is more detail in second picture, I want to make the picture looks like having some black background and more lighting effects. As you can see, the colour is changing, the background is gone and there’s light back in the man. You can also edit by Camera raw (Lightroom), it’s not easy but it’s worth it to learn some of this. You dont have to install any of new application because Adobe Photoshop have all of them in one package.

The second picture, I take it with iPhone and also editing with the computer, same basic of lightroom. You just make it background disappear and make it lighting more hard lighting. I dont use soft lighting because I want to make it mysterious picture.


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