Keto Transformation

When I see the picture on my phone, I dont realize who am I see in the picture, is that the same person?

I’ve been 1 year follow the keto life, but nothing change (I guess) but today I was shock when see in the past picture, is that really? I dont think so, but yeah, it’s me!

When you ask, do you have any complaint about your HC or not?

Yes I do, first month is so difficult for me, I’ve been cheating alot with my life, turns out I got really sick and pain.

But someday in this year, I’ve been asking my self, are you wanna do this or not? Do you want to sick again, or you choose to strict your plan?

Ok than, I start to talking to the mirror… do you really want to do this? can you? yes I do! So no more cheating? yes I try! No, you have to make sure yourself, it’s your healthy, not somebody else? Ok, I can do this! For sure? yes, I’m ready!

Than I try to strict with my Keto, I’m searching all the recipe online than I make it myself, I share some of my recipe, some of that I put it in youtube. So this is what you look like when you eat carbo and keto!

I never see the scale, I just strict to my plan, I dont know how much weight I have right now, but I guess some of that must be gone, I feel it when I do treadmill. In the past, I feel like my weight is too heavy, but now, I feel a little bit light, I always try to up my level on treadmill, first with 1 inline, speed 3.0 than now with 8 inline (uphill road) with speed 5.5 in 1 hour. I got 3-4 miles in 1 hour, but sometimes I adding with zumba for 1 hour.

My exercise is 2 days 1 day off, always doing that, sometimes I adding with yoga and stretching myself. I really hate my thigh, that’s a really work hard for me.

I eat at 6 PM and 4 AM, between that I always try to fasting a little bit. I eat many of salmon, shrimp, mussels, I really love that kind of food, even in the past. I drink 3 Liters of water, drink green tea and 1 glass of coffee cook with syphon.

When you ask me, how many month do I do that? I just do it really strict this 3-4 months, no cheating. If you ask my weight, I tell you… I dont care! I care my size from 18 to 4-6, sometimes 4, sometimes 6, depends on the brand.

I always trying to cook myself, but sometimes I just buy it keto food online when I dont feel like cooking. My recipe’s always comes with chilli, I love hot food!

So that’s it, that’s my keto life in the 3-4 months, but before that, yes I’m keto but alot of cheating with flour. I never craving sugar, i just love flour, but now I try to hold it for my healthy.

If you asking me, did your hair fall? Yes, I do! A lot! Am I get the HC? Yes, I do! Long day! I got fever, I got headache, I got stomache, I got coughing alot, I always got flu. How many days? No, it’s not day! It’s 2 months. Do you give up? Yes, sometimes! But I try not too right now! Why? because I got really bad flu, high fever, headache in 1 week and I said to myself, “Do you want to be sick like this again?” No I have to change, I have to strict keto, no more cheating, no more flour, no moreeee…

So here’s me today…


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