Vans Checker Collection

My daughter birthday was last week but the end of the day, she keep silent about the gift. She said nothing for present.

Yesterday, I was keep looking at Vans online, she was beside me and tell me, “Wow it looks gorgeous” she point it at the checker design. Than I ask her to come with me to mall.

She looked at the backpack, she said, “wow…!” ok only wow??? hahaha… I took it than give to the cashier, she just stand there. After I paid, she said, “wow… is it for me?” and I said, “yes of course, this is your present.” but she still like thinking something. “But can I have the shoes online?” because the store not having that design yet, so I said, “olrit, finally you chose” and she smile!!!

This is the first year she pick her present by herself, and I’m happy about it! Unfortunately, she never ask for anything and this is the first time she ask for the Vans.


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