In Development

This is week 4 for the Development movie, just crazy this time I was really working with them-they just read these luggage, give us opinions, meetings, there’s no other works to do .. Meeting, Meeting and Meeting again ..

The Story behind the movie, this is so complicated but it’s supposed to be fun jobs. One thing I learned from this to working people is perfect even though if you’re not good enough but They help us.

Of serious debate until ngobrolin weird start of serious hours until finally showed up at 5 am, before the Subuh Azan is heard all the new teams get ready for sleep position. There are some also who finally decided to wait in the morning and take turns sleeping. Seru banget.

Mr. Director, Producer pack, you bring this world so ga boring babble-babble from us now you are the rise again, although in the end-tepar tepar too. Wib Pak and Pak Dian, thank you very much before and after because you are the place is so bright and look amazing wow. The last one to om Sany, well well well .. I could not talk about you dear,, but you do not know why lah PELITA sun in this quiet night, in the brain that collided with the walls of boredom night.

Special Thanks for our resource: Dr. Emil Taufik, Damayanti John, Sophia Hafil, Arfan Nazif, Mursjid AM, Vincky John, Rebecca Dahlan, Sitta Goddess Razni and Dt. Tumanggung Nizarwan Acang, Datuk Om Averdi, citizens KG others that can not be written here. Our Books Index: “Elite Minangkabau”, “Man and culture of Indonesia”, “Local Politics in Indonesia”, “Origins of Modern Elite emergence of Minangkabau”, “Padang Riwayatmu First”, “Traditional Koto Gadang Clothes”, “Adat Minangkabau-Pattern Minang people and Purpose of Life “,” Portrait of a City mines Sawahlunto Doeloe Tempo “,” West Sumatra until the plaque length “,” Tabloid Canang “,” glowing coal-Class and Ethnic Conflict-Sawahlunto Ombilin-West Sumatra “,” Expression Sawahlunto in rhythm Line “,” Daan Yahya Transcription interview with LIPI “,” National Seminar on the Holy Rohana nomination as a National Hero “,” Writing About Inyiak Bridges with Africa John-Lakuak “.

This is the story of making of a Feature Film, ‘there is more jobs including pre-production, production, post production and etc before our launch in December 2011. Wish us luck of this project Because this is the hardest part of making the past of Indonesia.