Honesty of my heart

What happens if we continue to lie to our own feelings without being able to feel the comfort and pleasure of our own hearts?

Pain, see photos of other women in your phone .. do not know why all of a sudden like a heart pierced by a nail-puncture, also gemeter my body and I wanted to be angry with you but I can not. What I’d rather just leave you without saying good-bye from your face that can not be mad or hate it?

basic boy, you make my heart always glued nails like wood-rotting matter how hard knock when he has definitely cracked ..

I’m hoping you’ll realize one day that I love you not only because you look like a ruthless, your character is super grumpy or attitude that is always like a child. You always have to stretch out his hand as if I paid all your life, huh .. Quote me what you think? I know, someday, you’ll cry because then I had no more side mu ..