Oh God, why yes I was always a disalahin and I can only silently accept? Why can not I get angry immediately?

not enough so he left me to think for themselves, running her own fault and he’s calm ga want to know?

While here I languish pain, disappointment, sadness, tears and decided to be silent anymore? What he thinks is quite perfect to run his life without thinking about someone else pay for all her mistakes he made then he lef? Where does his heart, where does his mind? Where does his intelligence?

not enough he left all here, and he wasted no thought of him at all? And again I wash the dishes that get him?

O Allah, give him the best for him to walk with ease and in Your way. Give it inner and outer happiness, excitement in the world and the hereafter that he did not feel what I felt. Give it favors every day, so she does not feel hunger and thirst as I thought that had been shouted. And keep it from me, so he will never see the destruction of myself, my soul, my body and my heart. Let him know that I’m okay. And protect it so as not to feel the sins that have been pay. Amen.