Memory with him

(I Hope You Remember This!)

Always in these quiet days, I imagine the memories with him. Although it seems it was just a dream, I do not know what will happen between us. To be sure, I’ll always be waiting for him.

But there are things that made ​​me even more aware I miss him .. when I watch a dvd with the office, only he had imagined, when I’m laughing still had time to think whether I will be as beautiful moment of laughter with him, when I took a walk hang out with my friends work there as I imagine the road with him .. I do not know!

Maybe now he could no longer reach the stars, maybe now he has a nearby star. Only I can hear the conversation silence the people who sometimes make me laugh even though the heart is empty without it. One thing that I miss, “Sunset” with him .. I hope he still remember it .. Wherever you are, I just want you to know that I still love you and love you full of ..