Dibalik itu..

Behind the jobs that I kerjain now, there is one side that made me finally subject to the same reality. This time there are things that I own where ga are comfortable to sit behind the screen, can sit quietly at the computer desk, can calmly deal with the huge front of me though.

Sometimes I feel like instead of myself, sometimes I also feel the “My HOPE” is missing something. It came suddenly, when I was really bored with what’s happening with the real world I miss him briefly. But when I work, there is something that seems to attract me to unburden my existing full responsibility even though there is at myself.

Together with the people of this great and sometimes I forget that people in fact need a change and also a break for a serious mind, sleep, lazed not the right time for this moment. I feel I have a partner who is perfect when I’m faced with a difficult situation, my partner turned into a challenge that weighed heavily on my mind.

Although there are times when I required professionalism, I was right when they need but what they know about myself that it took something that they do not have any at all? Feelings, love, attention, was that sometimes I feel compelled to run away from my life as a producer who has always demanded a day working behind a computer screen until my brain sometimes reluctant really to think. Running? No, I mean not run away from my responsibility .. I just think they are relying on what I know I was a man who has qualities that all?

I also do not expect more from them, just a couple of work where my life could still be normal as usual, I could still feel the whole person. Terkejap I forget what day it is, what time is it, what date it, if not for the demands to support a beautiful girl I’ve had alone may gue ga work behind it all.

Behind me was also faced with people who claim to want to help, want to help me escape from this burden all but is it true? I do not know yes, now I feel overwhelmed as they are not always even make me be good but my brain damage and tissues positive words that seemed to have didokterin since the beginning of my birth. Bullshit for them all, anyway now I stand with my own legs, arms, thinking about the best future for my child’s life is also beautiful. There seems to be the words “HELP ME!” dibenakku, but the words were what to do? Just shouted it in my mind or should I apply it like a crazy person who asks for help to everyone? That was not me ..

I’m not the type of person who could think of delicious cuisine cooked what is good today, how the price of vegetable or chili, which should I lead is to think about how much money is needed by my son and our lives subsequently because behind it all was just me and My Little Princess. .