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Millie 2nd Birthday

Yeah, now it’s 2.. Millie no benefit orphans in KFC Kemang and invite all families are equally likely to celebrate a birthday Millie. Thank God that comes quite a lot really, just that Millie does not like crowds and the party so he tried…

Thank You Allah

Thank u Allah, finally got my dreams. Camera that I don’t even imagine will have this year.. Damn, I still need to have to saving money for the Canon Lenses L series and Dry Box. It’s not cheap at all but now I’m ready…

Remember Allah

Longer want to fast for tomorrow, hopefully get to wake up ..

Finally finish one by one

Finally, only one finished too, are impatient want to see the results but the only one who had been tampered with for a while .. It is also the easiest course.. ‎​=))º°˚˚°º≈º=Dнåнåнå=))º°˚˚° =D

Engagement Day

Engangement As I said before, nothing is impossible when it comes to love. The other side of my life, I’m being so pessimistic and now look what I got. I got my true love back in reality, I thought I’ll never seen him again…