MeNot by MyBrandeds

Originals Leather Craft from MyBrandeds, called Minot.

MeNot (read : Minot) is my nickname from my mom. Although my name was changed in 2000, but the name of MeNot seem to linger in my family. In honor of my mother and also my dad, then I used the name of MeNot to all our crafting leather brand. I dedicate all of our works for my mom & dad, without them, I’m nobody in this worlds.

We use the skin of cow, sheep and goat for our products. The leather we use is genuine leather from Indonesia. To be able to use all ages, we chose the simple and comfy models.

MyBrandeds is the name of our company based in Jakarta, Indonesia engaged in the buying and selling of bags, wallets and accessories. Running long enough for 2 years, and then gradually try to make it yourself at the beginning of August 2015.

Stand “Menot by MyBrandeds” beginning in August 2015 with the design of the bag 3, the beginning is always the beginning of a very difficult for a company started his career. Moreover, this is a brand new, yet there are people who know the name so it is very difficult for me to develop. The end of the month of November 2015, was made a legitimate company name of the country of Indonesia, PT MYBRANDEDS PRODUCTION INDONESIA.

Hopefully in the future we can present the work of the Indonesian nation is more advanced in the market, we are able to serve customers with the best.

Best Regards,

Nada Taufik (The Owner and Designer)

contact :

Line : nadataufik



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