My Films

My new film 2011:

2 days production, with no lighting, no soundman and recordist sound came from canon camera, no script, no artist talent, it’s pure person, low budget. 2 days editing with mac pro in premiere, 6 hours in effect room, 2 hours rendering. Crazy with number “2” special! Hahahaha……

“Sebungkus Nasi”

Director : Irvan Reza
Videographer : Christian K
Producer : Rezga Triharya Putra
Script Writter & Ass. Director :
Nada Taufik

In the beginning of 2006, there was two men live in the street of Jakarta, Indonesia.
The youngest named Malau, 27 years old and the oldest named Santoso, 60 years old.
They slept on the street, they are poor and looking for food on the garbage.

Day after day Santoso was pick the wrong person to help him out even though he never talk to Malau.
Santoso still waiting of Malau’s response but nothing he got until Malau got the problem’s.
Malau met the big garbage place and he bring the brigten smile of his face.

3 Comments on “My Films

  1. Tidak semanis rasanya
    Tidak sejernih gambarnya
    Filmnya keren abis
    Meski harus berulang kali upload
    Kenapa jadi gue yang hilang?

  2. Bu pro, filmnya tambah lagi dong
    Masa yang ini terus yang ditayangin, kan cuma 3 menit.
    Bikin versi yang berbeda lah, masa film praktika taruh disini?

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