About Me


Nada Taufik

Computer Engineer & Filmmaker

November 26th, 1981

Education :

– Oxnard High School, United States (1998 – 1999)

– Oxnard College, United States, Computer Engineer (1999)

– STISI, Indonesia, Interior Design (2000)

– Universitas Nasional, Indonesia, Electronics Engineer (2002)

– APMD Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Communication (2005)

– Film School College, Indonesia, Film (2008)

– BINUS International, Indonesia, Computer Engineer and Technology (2015)

Filmmography :

Director :

– Sorry, mom (2006)

– Sahabatku (2005)

Writer :

– Sebungkus Nasi (2005)

Producer :

– Captain Lord – Dan Aku (2008)

– Smallville “Yamaha Free Your Soul” – Lagi dan Nanti (2008)

– Yello “Yamaha Free Your Soul” – Free Your Soul (2008)

– Bank Danamon – 4 Video Trainning (2007)

– F Mayor – Izinkan Aku (2007)

– F Mayor – Tolong (2007)

– Lloyd Popp (2006)

Executive Director :

– ManggaDuas.com

– KreasiKita.com

– MyBrandeds

Art Creative Director :

– MeNot by MyBrandeds

(All about the leathers than could make it some bags, some jackets, some wallets or everything you want to make it)

Originals Leather Craft from MyBrandeds, called Minot.

Minot is my nickname from my mom. Although my name was changed in 2000, but the name of Minot seem to linger in my family. In honor of my mother and also my dad, then I used the name of Minot to all our crafting leather brand. I dedicate all of our works for my mom & dad, without them, I’m nobody in this worlds.

We use the skin of cow, sheep and goat for our products. The leather we use is genuine leather from Indonesia.Β To be able to use all ages, we chose the simple and comfy models.


19 Comments on “About Me

  1. Hi!
    Salam kenal!
    iy nih, sering nonton film sih, tp nge review film bru akhir2 ini doank n trnyata nyenengin jga, skalian inget2 lagi..

    thx 4 ur visit 2 my blog..
    c u

  2. Huehueheuheuhe…
    ‘besar’ n ‘kecil’?
    maksudnya tuh ngomong yg keren2 gitu loh n ngomong yg ga bermutu gitu..

  3. Nada, salam kenal yah say πŸ™‚
    aih kamu cantik yah.
    hi…hi..iya kata dahlia, blognya mirip, tapi udah kamu ubah yah.

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